Welcome to the short English version introducing Adele Bergzauber. The idea originated in Holgers affection for mountain sports and functional fabrics. A few years ago he created his label, starting off with Adele - the 90 year old best friend of his grandmother - teaching him how to sew. Ever since that day the label has evolved, using high end quality fabrics from Switzerland and combing fashion and function. The name itsself "Bergzauber" translates into "mountain magic" and perfectly describes the idea behind. The hoodies and jackets are great for the outdoors: whether you rockclimb a seastack, explore the mountains via bike or hike up a high mountain. It can be perfectly used as a midlayer or toplayer, being waterrepellant and breathable.


Please feel free to have a look around in the online shop and also ask questions using the "Kontakt" form.