our idea

  • We offer a small collection, designed for mountain sports.
  • We buy our fabrics from the most well known and best manufacturers in Europe.
  • We ourselves believe in a sustainable lifestyle, therefore all our products are manufactured in a socially responsible and sustainable way, making sure that workplace conditions are fair and safe. 
  • We only distribute directly, without any dealers. Therefore we can offer you very special products to a standard price.

We live in Southern Germany - in a region called Allgäu - and try to be in the mountains as often as possible.

To be able to have fun, no matter how exhausting the tour is, you need to be dressed in proper functional clothes. Our aim is to wear clothes that not only are functional, quick drying and durable, but also casual and good looking.


For long days or even multi-day trips you need to have little baggage, therefor dirt resistent and water repellent fabrics are part of our collection.  


As mentioned, we design products that may be worn from the mountaintop to the city. If you know what advantages functional clothing has, you will be happy to also wear it for your city bike ride or evening walk. Functionality is one part, design and fitting another one. We spend a lot of time to make sure that our products are laid back and designed to fit an outdoorsy lifestyle.  

our Fabrics

The most important ingredient for a proper outdoor clothing product is the fabric. We buy all our fabrics in Europe due to two reasons.


First of all European working standards are well developed and supervised. That is the first step towards offering a fair product - knowing where the work ist done and how our partners tend to their employees.

Secondly, the manufacturing companies in Europe produce highest quality concerning durability and performance.


Deciding on new materials is a very interesting and exciting part of our work. We are constantly evaluating new materials and re-evaluating existing ones to make sure to offer the best products to our customers.

It needs some experience and creativity to find the perfect material concerning textile feel, function and visual appearence. For visual appearance lifelike colour reproduction is crucial, relating to function we are especially looking for the fabrics quality concerning dirt repellency and moisture control. Textile feel ist especially important not only for the way you can feel a fabric on your skin but also for patterns and fitting.


Choosing the perfect material may work in two ways. Either we already have a product/ material in mind and try to find it. Or we stumble across a really cool new material and make up our mind what kind of product may be designed using this material.


It is essential to us, that all manufacturing work is done in Europe.


We ourselves live very European, we have friends all across the continent and are proud to design products that combine different  components from all over Europe. Additionally working conditions and quality are easier to trace and  above average compared to non-european standards.


At times of "Fast Fashion", discounting wars and mass production we are happy to produce clothing without trade-offs, leaving us with a clear conscience.


direct Selling

Now you will get the answer to the question nobody ever asks. How is it possible to buy the highest quality fabrics, produce small amounts in Europe and still don't charge double the price compared to the established outdoor companies.


Thanks to the internet, we are able to sell our hoodies and pants directly to our customers. Without having to sell our products first to local dealers, we can make sure that our prices are still comparable to other outdoor companies - even though we use the best fabrics and manufacture fair.


This way, we are able to plan our products without counting every penny. Choosing fabrics we can pick more expenisve materials without pushing our price boundaries


Additionally we love buying our materials directly from the producers and are happy to make this possible for our customers as well.

Meet the people behind

Holger is the founder of Adele Bergzauber. Everything started with crocheting hats, followed from first attempts at the sewing machine up to sewing all night to produce as many hoodies as possible.

During the first four years, Holger tailored all the products himself.

Nowadays he is responsible for construction, design and marketing.

Adele is co-responsible for the name Adele Bergzauber. She is a trained tailor and passed on her knowledge with loads of patience and accuracy. This way she did lay the foundation for our succesful label.


In the beginning it was just a nice idea to name a label after her, meanwhile we are proud and happy to have her included this way.

Lisa joined us five years ago. Initially she mainly worked in offline marketing, she is now responsible for visualising products and Content Management. 


In addition she is our female model and responsible for the colour design of our product range.